The Story

REEWAYA, a Moroccan native start-up, released its first ready to wear collection in 2019. REEWAYA, Arabic for “tale”, is a woman run clothing brand, dedicated to telling the unique stories of women, one garment at a time.

“As an architect I’ve always been in touch with my artistic side. I’ve always appreciated arts, music, movements and all forms of expression including painting and sculpture.

I’ve lived in many cities Florence, Siena, Paris, Tunis before moving to the mountain region in Tetouan.

Every morning, I contemplated the beautiful mountains, and here and there I see these Jebliyates, and I am in total admiration, fascinated with their work ethics, their determination, everything about them was revolutionary, the beauty of their clothing their work ethics …

Then it went from simple sketches and paintings, to me using different materials and different techniques: embroideries, beading, painting etc…

It all started with story telling, then little by little, I started including that lady in clothing items and this is how the first collection started.”

Each garment of the collection tells a unique story of the Jebiya represented in a different scene of her everyday life.

REEWAYA, an experimenting brand, telling stories of women one art at a time.
REEWAYA, an experimenting brand, telling stories of women one art at a time.

The founder of REEWAYA

Sanaa Chaabi, the artist and designer, was born in Tunis and raised in Morocco. She travelled around Italy and studied the Italian language, the history of art and Italian cinema at Universita Per Stranieri.  Sanaa then pursued architecture at L’Ecole Spéciale D’Architecture in Paris, where she developed her thesis in the art of Islamic geometry in the Arab world. Sanaa has taken on painting classes for the past three years. Her paintings often inspire her and become part of her garment creations.

Sanaa has merged two of her passions: that of design and creation and that of story telling. She has decided to bring together both her admiration for abstract art and her dedication to supporting women of Morocco.

After experimenting many forms of arts, the artist decided to build her own atelier and started a ready to wear collection. that was mainly inspired by that women and the nature that was around her. And she wanted the JEBLIYA to be the main character of the stories that I wanted to tell.
Her main inspiration is the JEBLIYA the bedoin of the northern mountains. She wanted to take a moment to let them tell their own stories. That is why these Jebliyates are all taking part of the work, the story, and also take part in making the garments.